Money Heist Season 5 ending Explained : La Casa de Papel ending? 


Money Heist, or La Casa de Papel, finally ended with the release of Season Five, Volume Two.  The Netflix series has exploded in popularity over the past few years, a Money Money fans are on the verge of their seats in anticipation of Money a Moneyramatic ending.  Season Five, Volume One ended with Tokyo’s Shock Death (starring Ursula Corbero) and the second volume went even further.

What happened at the end of Money Heist?

The final episode begins with The Professor (played by Alvaro Morte) and the rest of the group captive, cornered and seemingly out of options.

Of course, The Professor proved once again that he is always one step ahead, releasing a video explaining how they got the gold out of the Royal Bank of Spain.

This video sends the financial markets into a frenzy, putting pressure on the government for a speedy solution

The risk of a complete economic collapse gave the group all the cards, but Denver (Jaime Laurente) did not like the hand that was dealt with.
At the risk of never seeing her son again, she took matters into her own hands, considering betraying the team.

Of course, Denver doesn’t go through it wasting police time in classic fashion.

Meanwhile, Marcella (Luke Peros) was traveling in trucks as a diversion, driving the police crazy because they could never identify a location.

The professor and Raquel (Itzio Ituno) are then taken by Tamayo (Fernando Cayo) and tortured before the professor tries to persuade him to work with them to end the financial crisis.

At the same time, Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) was taking over an auction house, desperately trying to find the gold and free herself of potential prison time.

The Professor’s plan was unfolding exactly as planned, with the police following the trucks to a boat, believing that the gold had been dumped at the bottom of the ocean.

Of course, the search meant that the media found out the gold was no longer in the bank, commencing the financial implosion The Professor foresaw.

Meanwhile, Alicia’s search took her to a house in the countryside, quickly getting herself embroiled in a standoff over the location.

Eventually, Tamayo agreed to work with The Professor, setting up a press conference to inform the press exactly what was happening with the gold and the theft.

By the end of the press conference, trucks had arrived at the scene, revealing that all the stolen gold had been returned, reviving the Spanish economy.

However, the professor reveals that gold is not gold at all, to look like the real thing in a brass disguise.

He wanted to show how gold was just an illusion, the was nothing more than a mental backup.

‘Money Heist’ Ending Explained: What was the plan to get everyone out?

The professor goes inside the bank and deals with Tamayo after reuniting with the rest of the gang.  Now, the plan begins with Professor Tamayo being told that the gold has been taken away and as a result, the Spanish economy will collapse and in 7-10 days, the whole country will go bankrupt.  We move on to the flashback, where the professor tells the team that bank trading is like gambling and people can bet on anything.  This hist team will give to big corporations that are desperately waiting for some profit.

The professor said that with the news of gold coming out, the betting market against Spain will become the winning horse.  This will create a lot of panic in the minds of investors and they will sell Spanish debt and shares, causing the stock market to go down and most importantly, the risk premium will go above 800 points which will create a lot of pressure.  On the government.

‘Money Heist’ Ending : Did Tamayo find the gold?

There were plans for him too.  They make a plan that if the police are behind the gold they will give the police information which makes it difficult for them to get there so that they know that what is happening is true.  A police officer has seen video footage showing Marseille and everyone dumping gold in a boat standing in the Cantabrian Sea.  They then went to search for the boat crew and took them hostage.

Angel, a police officer, arrived at the port and had a conversation with an employee of the boat.  The man told him that they had taken the boat to the middle of the sea and that they were throwing something into the sea.
When Professor Alicia is asked to look for gold, he tells Marseille to go back to the Stormwater tank and burn everything.  However, he told her to tease him a little for the police.  The items they found were sent to the forensic and they confirmed that everything was burned and what they found was various parts of the map that were intentionally left there so that Tamayo believed that the sea was where they were dumping gold.

The ending of ‘Money Hast’ is everyone dead?

Tamayo goes outside and addresses the media that the operation is complete and the hostages are coming out.  During the fight, every member of the Heist team was shot and killed, and he took everyone’s name.  Denver, who was out, cried miserably.  The bodies were packed in different bags and taken to the hospital van.

The Army General brings a paper to Denver and asks him to sign it.  As soon as he opened the file, he saw the red bird made by Professor Paper.  As soon as the hospital vans reach a safe distance, it is known that the professor’s plan has worked and they are all alive.  They are kept in body bags just to give the illusion that they are dead, but everyone is alive and happy to get out of there.


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